Boy’s Long Sleeve T-shirt


Product Type: Boy’s Long Sleeve T-shirt

Fabrics: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex (Stitch Fabric).

Knitting and dyeing with good enzyme and silicon wash Fabrics.

Print: High Quality rubberized Print.


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This is a full sleeve T- Shirt for baby boy. This T-shirt for boy’s Comfortable and may be worn for regular use. It is normally made formal light, brilliant quality cotton & spandex fabrics and is simple to smooth. Full sleeve design with everyday suit for boys. It is very versatile. It is designed to be relaxed and sturdy. Boy’s Long Sleeve T-shirt


Black, Navy Blue, Off-White


2-3 Years, 4-5 Years, 6-7 Years, 8-9 Years, 10-11 Years, 12-13 Years


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